Meeting the Need for Higher Quality Feed Supplements.

Meeting the Need for Higher Quality Feed Supplements

New Generation Supplements was created out of the need for better, higher quality feed supplements; supplements that would not only provide the highest nutritional value, but would also help producers minimize their supplemental feed costs.

The company originated in 1997 when a group of US feed industry veterans came together to manage Animal Feed Supplement, Inc, a low moisture block business in Poteau, OK owned by Carr’s Group, PLC.

In addition to the plant acquisition the newly formed company acquired a 1996 patent for an innovative cooking process. Improvements to that cooking process patent resulted in New Generation Supplements being awarded a second manufacturing technology patent in 2006. This unique process is highly efficient and allows for the manufacture of a consistent quality product.

Committed to Providing Service at the Highest Level

New Generation Supplements is committed to providing service at the highest level. The company strives to provide quick response, insightful information and friendly, helpful customer service at every contact point. New Generation Supplements sales/technical support staff is qualified to support our distributors, dealers and producers.

Years of experience and commitment to quality have made New Generation Supplements an industry leader, with a major network of feed supplement dealers and thousands of satisfied customers.

Today, SmartLic, The Feed in a Drum, MegaLic and HorsLic are recognized across the United States and Canada as the most nutrient dense, highest quality livestock supplements available.

New Generation Supplements sales/technical support staff