It’s 100 Little Things That Make the Difference!

There’s not one big thing that sets New Generation Supplements apart, it’s 100 little things or more that make the difference.

It’s Proven

Extensive university research has helped develop the line of NGS supplements. These supplements target crucial areas like herd health, feed efficiency, and reproductive performance. This same research consistently shows that feeding NGS supplements helps cattle improve forage utilization, resulting in lower feed costs on a per-day, per-head basis.

It’s the Process

Our supplements are made through a fine-tuned, state-of-the-art, proprietary process that results in an exceptionally dense, all-weather block with a unique 24-hour feeding system. NGS mineral-fortified supplements are Nutritionally Engineered to deliver the nutrients that can help enhance reproductive performance and forage utilization, no matter what the season.

It’s the People

Over 27 years ago, some of the feed industry’s pioneers joined together to create better, higher quality feed supplements, that provide the highest nutritional value and minimize costs. That same vision drives today’s New Generation Supplements team. The dedication to quality, a belief in research and a commitment to the producer is in of every tub of supplements.

It’s Performance

New Generation Supplements are Nutritionally Engineered with essential vitamins and minerals that enhance the reproductive performance and forage utilization of your herd. In addition, NGS can save you money by lowering your supplemental feed costs on a per head per day basis. All in a tub that’s weather resistant, self-fed, safe and convenient. Talk about performance!

Experience how 100 little things can make a difference in your herd.

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