Utilizing technology everyday.

New Generation Supplements excels at utilizing technology to develop products that lead the industry in quality and effectiveness. New Generation Supplements is also dedicated to product-manufacturing research and testing new technologies that help minimize manufacturing costs and ultimately improve product quality and value.

Quality assurance is a priority, not just a program, for management and employees. It is essential to reinforce this belief in the products NGS manufactures and in the people who produce them. Our targeted goal is to continuously uphold and enhance exemplary standards for quality assurance so that they become a benchmark for the rest of the supplement industry.

Patented Process

Superior Process, Superior Product

Supplements are produced through a continuous flow process protected by two separate patents. The result is a harder, more consistent, nutrient dense product that makes consumption predictable and helps minimize supplemental feed costs. This technology also makes New Generation Supplements highly resistant to inclement weather, allowing it to be fed successfully year round.

New Generation Supplements is a company that utilizes technology to develop superior products that will enhance livestock production and improve the producer’s bottom line. The company is dedicated to developing innovative manufacturing systems and testing new technologies that result in enhancing product quality and reducing costs.

Manufacturing Facilities

State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing Plants

Since the original acquisition of the Poteau facility in 1997 New Generation Supplements has expanded its manufacturing capabilities throughout the United States and today includes additional company owned manufacturing facilities, as well as joint venture operations.

New Generation Supplements owns state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Poteau, OK, and Belle Fourche, SD and has ownership in two additional joint venture facilities located in Sioux City, IA and Shelbyville, TN. These plants produce a range of high quality New Generations Supplements products for cattle, horses, sheep and goats, as well as other industry leading products.

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