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Supported by extensive university research

New Generation Supplements products are supported by extensive university research. Multiple research fronts contribute to the overall supplement effectiveness. New Generation Supplements has focused its research efforts in the areas of animal performance, feed efficiency, reproductive performance and forage utilization. These crucial areas serve as the foundation for the New Generations Supplements comprehensive product line.

Equine Nutrition: The Truth About Sugar

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A Wealth of Information It is hard to discuss equine nutrition today without receiving a question on sugars. Sometimes it’s referred to as TSI, NSC, NFC, or carbohydrates. Horse owners are becoming more involved in their animal’s diets, more [...]


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It’s here: the BioTub—a convenient, durable, and sustainable low-moisture supplement container. BioTubs are made from a blend of all-natural ingredients that are both durable and easy to use. They are naturally biodegradable leaving little to [...]

Availa 4

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Feed the Best for a Lifetime New Generation Supplements provides high quality feed supplements that include Availa-4 from Zinpro Performance Minerals. These trace minerals help build the foundation for long-term health and performance. Proper trace mineral supplementation helps cows [...]

Value Added Ingredient Partners

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We only work with industry leading ingredient manufacturers who share our commitment to research proven solutions. Click on the allied product logos below to learn more about the benefits it brings to our product. Canada only, [...]

Equine Fly Control

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Safe & Effective Fly Control with ClariFly® HorsLic® incorporates ClariFly® in some products to provide horse owners a powerful tool in the battle against flies. Parasitic flies attack horses in areas where they are not able to defend themselves inflicting [...]

Fescue Toxicity

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Fescue Toxicity Tall fescue is a resilient forage source found in nearly 40 million acres of grazed pastures in the U.S. With nearly 17 million beef cows on tall fescue grasses annually, this common forage source also comes with [...]

Magnesium Requirements

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Meeting Magnesium Requirements of Forage-fed Cattle Magnesium is an essential nutrient for all animals. Mild deficiencies can result in reduced feed intake, poor diet digestion, and bone abnormalities. More severe deficiencies can cause a serious metabolic disorder known as [...]

Forage Utilization

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Improving Forage Intake & Cattle Performance New Generation Supplements (NGS) research has demonstrated that supplementation with NGS blocks can effectively improve forage intake and cattle performance. The consistent, economical intake of NGS supplements is seemingly small in comparison to [...]

Protein Performance

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Low Protein Forage Research Protein frequently is the most limiting nutrient for cattle wintered on poor to moderate quality harvested forages as well as for mature cows and growing cattle grazing dormant grass pastures and crop residues. Ample amounts [...]

Omega 3

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Animal Performance and Feed Efficiency Fatty acids, like amino acids, minerals and vitamins are nutrients required by the animal for maintenance and growth. Fatty acids are used by animals for energy, cell membrane structure and [...]

Fly Control

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The Economics of Fly Control for Cattle Horn flies can cause big problems for cattle and cattle producers. The biting insects feed on the blood of cattle, 20 to 30 times per day. The biggest problem with these flies [...]

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