Feed the Best for a Lifetime

New Generation Supplements provides high quality feed supplements that include Availa-4 from Zinpro Performance Minerals. These trace minerals help build the foundation for long-term health and performance.

Proper trace mineral supplementation helps cows prepare for and recover from pregnancy, calving and lactation. Zinc, copper and manganese play critical roles in helping a calf’s immune system function properly. For cattle to perform to their true genetic potential, they must receive optimum trace mineral supplementation throughout all life stages.

To truly thrive, beef cattle must receive optimum trace mineral nutrition throughout their productive life stages.


Trace mineral supplementation during gestation can affect Lifetime Performance. Research has demonstrated that supplementing Availa®4 to cows in the last trimester resulted in 53 and 28 pounds heavier calf weaning weights.


Calves fed more bioavailable forms of zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt as Availa-4 during a 28-day receiving period had a 45% reduction in morbidity and a 9 to 13% increase in Average Daily Gain (ADG).

Herd Development

Fewer heifers fed Availa-4 were culled for poor reproduction tract scores, chronic health issues or low body weight before pregnancy. The total percent culled including those that did not produce a live calf remained lower for heifers fed Availa-4.


Trace minerals in Availa-4 provide the greatest impact early in the breeding season. Cows fed Availa-4 have higher first service conception rates than those fed inorganic minerals.

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