NE-22 Mag: A Free Choice Supplement for Cattle on Pasture

  • Vitamin & Mineral Fortified
  • Weather Resistant
  • Consistent Availability

NE-22 Mag has all the benefits of NE-22, but with 2.0% added magnesium to help combat grass tetany. NE-22 Mag is a Nutritionally Engineered® high protein supplement that is heavily fortified with vitamins and trace minerals designed to support animals on good quality forages or whenever a protein supplement is needed. NE-22 Mag is ideal for cattle grazing rapidly growing grasses in late winter or early spring, especially lactating cows, who might be at risk for grass tetany.

NE-22 Mag is ideal for herds that are not receiving minimum nutrient requirements from forages alone. In addition to offering 22% protein, NE-22 is highly fortified with vitamins A, D, and E, and contain up to 125% of NRC trace mineral requirements.

Phosphorus is typically one of the first limiting nutrients for grazing cattle. NE-22 contains 2% added phosphorous to help balance out pastures that are low in phosphorus. Important for bone development and cell energy, cattle short on phosphorous will show fragile bones, poor growth, low appetite, chewing of wood/hair/bones, poor reproductive performance, and reduced milk production.

Feeding Directions

Provide free choice as a supplement to pasture cattle at the rate of one block for each 15 to 25 head. Place in pasture near areas frequented by livestock, such as watering locations, shade or loafing areas. Cattle typically consume 0.75 pound per head daily. Consumption may vary depending on climate, grazing conditions, condition of livestock and/or availability of other feeds. In situations where climate and/or other factors result in consumption less than 0.75 pound per head daily, intake of supplement can be increased by providing additional blocks per pasture.

Provide access to fresh water and free-choice salt at all times.

If cattle experience excessive stress due to adverse weather conditions, shipping, weaning, or periods of high production, switching to SmartLic® FirstLic® Supplement is recommended.

Guaranteed Analysis


A low feeding rate per head daily can significantly minimize your feeding costs on a cost per head per day basis.

High Mineral Fortification

This supplement is Vitamin and Mineral fortified eliminating the need to feed additional free-choice minerals.

Weather Resistant

An exceptionally dense block that maintains its integrity even in hot, humid weather or precipitation.

Returnable Steel Barrels

Economical and environmentally friendly and eliminate the expense of additional feeding equipment.

Minimal Labor

Easy to feed. Simply place the block in areas of easy access to cattle.

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